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TINA ALDATZ, Entrepreneur and CEO, made her mark on the world as a self-starting entrepreneur and founder of Foot Petals, the revolutionary line of designer insole cushions for women’s high heels.

As a child, Tina severely burned her feet after accidently stepping on buried hot coals at the beach. From her foot injury, Tina created Foot Petals to help fill a gap in the market for women’s high-heeled foot support. Through her strength and tenacity, Foot Petals became a successful multi-million dollar company that was recognized by Inc. 500 as one of the “500 fastest growing companies in America."

After growing up in a volatile home, Tina overcame life's obstacles by grasping onto opportunity and not letting life’s circumstances define her future. In her compelling presentation depicting her American success story, Tina shares how she took a personal tragedy and turned it into her destiny in her Autobiography From Stilettos To The Stock Exchange: Inside The Life of a Serial Entrepreneur. In the book, Tina shares her core business values and practices that have led to her success.

Currently, Tina is the CEO of Savvy Travelers, alongside her best friend, Co-Founder and president, Margarita Floris. Savvy Travelers offers on-the-go consumers the newest “must have” travel products, making traveling simple, smart, and safe. To learn more, visit

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