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Recognized as a revolutionist in the Personal Development industry, DANA Zarcone is a driving force in helping women who are spiritually stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed or depressed to reclaim their feminine power, unlock their greatest potential, and dance with life again.

She is the founder of Source Your Joy and her motto is “Joy is not a mindset or a feeling. Rather it is an energetic way of being.” Through her extensive personal and professional experience, Dana has discovered that our capacity to live a vibrant, fulfilling life has been diminished by the trauma, or wounds, we experienced in our childhood. The wounds result in repressed feelings that manifest in our bodies, blocks our energy and prevents us from living the vibrant life we are meant to live.

Dana’s methods are systematically designed to help her clients unblock the energy and heal the wounds so they can feel radically alive and, ultimately, connected to their true self again.
Dana is a psychosomatic therapist, National Certified Counselor and Certified Core Energetic Therapist with over 13 years of experience. Passionate about what she does, Dana is a self-improvement enthusiast and is dedicated to helping women all over the globe by offering individual and group coaching programs, VIP days, and training programs.

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