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Whether you are a college student considering the future, a millennial looking for a career with meaning or a midlifer needing a new paradigm for success, MAURA Sweeney has something valuable for you.

This natural coach and advocate known as Maura4u is an author, podcaster, international speaker and Huffington Post contributor. She inspires others with her “Living Happy – Inside Out” mantra and was recently named Ambassador of Happiness by the UNESCO Center for Peace.

A graduate of Boston College who has traveled to over 50 countries, Maura shares an eclectic blend of timeless inspiration that empowers people of all backgrounds to discover their own happiness and success in both life and career.

In addition to public speaking, Maura has been featured in several media outlets including, Midlife Boulevard, Tampa Bay Times and Britain’s BBC radio.

Check the infographic show notes, plus her top tips and advice for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs at or by clicking here!

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