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Internationally recognized as a Trendsetter in Personal Development, ANGELICA Christie is a driving force for empowering women across the globe in every area of life. “Women are the foundation of a new consciousness and must take the lead now!” - says Angelika.

Through her extensive personal and professional Expertise, Angelika has determined that the “Lack of Self-Love” is the unidentified reason why so many women are still stuck and afraid of their “Authentic Power.” Angelika’s signature programs “Prosper on Purpose” and “Heroic Self Love Formula” enables her clients to step consciously and joyfully into their highest Calling.

Angelika’s commitment and personal attention assure her client’s highest achievements. Angelika is a multi-disciplined Personal Development Expert of 30 years; she’s a Certified Heart Intelligence Coach, Doctor of Naturopathy, Anti-Aging Specialist, Energy Healer, Yoga and Reiki-Master-Teacher of over 25 years.

Today she is a leading Speaker, Trainer and Luxury Retreat Facilitator and her commitment is to empower every woman to step into her Brilliance so that she can Live, Love and Lead with Confidence and Abundance Angelika is also an international best selling Author of 5 books.

Check the infographic show notes, plus her top tips and advice for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs at or by clicking here!

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