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ALISOUN Mckenzie, often described as one of the most authentic, inspiring and heart-centered souls you can meet. She is author of the #02 Amazon Best Seller Heartatude, The 9 Principles Of Heart-Centered Success a popular speaker, trainer, coach, business mentor, EFT & NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist.

Since 2003 has helped thousands people to overcome feelings of stress, fear, anxiety and overwhelm, so they now enjoy more happiness and success – both within workplaces and with individuals.

Alisoun also runs The Heartabiz Hub, helping heart-centered business owners to grow their business; regularly does humanitarian work with genocide survivors in Rwanda (including appearing in a Holywood produced film); and is an avid fundraiser.

Prior to this Alisoun had a successful 20-year career in the investment industry and is full of gratitude everyday for being able to enjoy a more authentic and joyful life – living near a beach just outside Edinburgh, Scotland.

Check the infographic show notes, plus her top tips and advice for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs at or by clicking here!

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