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JUHL Lightheart, is a magical life coach and founder at and founder of Wake-Up Summit. Born and raised within a magical family, Juhl has been reading palms, cards and practicing psychometry for 40 years.

Her love of Metaphysics that began in her early twenties inspired her studies down many philosophical paths. With her blend of mastered intuitive skills she has successfully coached young people along their life journeys, for over 20 years.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Juhl underwent many years of psychotherapy and counseling. Their approach was to “fix” her, however their attempts were unsuccessful and left her feeling a great deal of pain. It was only when looking within herself Juhl realized, she was not broken and did not need fixing.

Her abilities of dissociation and hypersensitivity that once felt out of control became her tools, now widely accepted and praised as gifts within the tribe she works and plays with. Juhl is living a joy-filled life and loving it!

She’s not just surviving, but thriving. Her passion is to empower others to find meaning within their lives, regardless of their past experiences just as she has. Her coaching programs offer skills, practical and energetic tools that allow the removal of damaging and negative self-beliefs to transform pain into a joy-filled, abundant and thriving life. To learn more, visit

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