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JARRETT Arthur, is a Self-defense and safety expert and the founder and chief instructor of M.A.M.A.® (Mothers Against Malicious Acts), a Customized Self-Defense for Women, and other specialized self-defense programs for women, children, and childcare givers.

Jarrett is one of the highest ranking female Krav Maga Black Belt Instructors in the U.S. She has been featured as an expert on numerous national platforms such as: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, The NY Times, and more.

Jarrett’s passion is customizing her self-defense training and education programs to most effectively benefit the emotional, physical, and personal wants and needs of the women and children she works with.

See her beautiful infographic show notes, plus her top tips and advice for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs at or by clicking here!

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