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COLLEEN Cassel, Founder of Upstream Solutions is a People Management Expert. She partners with women business leaders to increase leadership, career and professional development skills so they can take their business and life to the next level.

She combines 25 successful years in Corporate America in management roles in sales and marketing at leading Entertainment Companies in New York. Now, her passion lies in helping smart, driven professionals, find the courage and answers to do what they wanted to do and follow their dreams.

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GINA Hiatt, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, and president of Finish Agent, Inc. Her company provides accountability-based membership site software that focuses on helping clients get unstuck, stop procrastinating, learn new habits, and become productive and start implementing what you’ve taught them.

Based on Gina’s knowledge of cognitive, group and behavioral psychology, this proven system empowers coaches, consultants, teachers, and mastermind leaders to create recurring, leveraged and even passive income, while helping their clients either build good habits (e.g. diet, exercise) or take the steps needed to achieve their most important goals (e.g. build a business, write a book).

Learn how you as a coach can leverage this tool to help your clients get better results. Attend the free webinar here -

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