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Liz DiAlto is a women's body & soul coach, speaker and writer. Her mission is to revolutionize the way women move and nourish their bodies and to make self-acceptance and body love the new standards.

She is the creator of the ever popular program, “Tighter in Ten Days!"

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CAREN Glasser, is the “chief Passionista”, and the founder of Promote Your Passion. Her company helps entrepreneurs with what matters to them to what matters to someone else, in a way that they want to be part of.

Caren has dedicated her personal and professional life to connecting with people as a teacher, singer and clergy woman.

Today, as the founder of Promote Your Passion™, she focuses on helping people connect and create better lives for themselves.

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CHRISTY Whitman, is a New York Times Bestselling Author for her book, “Taming Your Alpha Bitch: How To Be Fierce and Feminine (and Get Everything You Want!)”.

She is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a 12 month Law of Attraction coaching certification program, that helps people realize their personal, professional and finical goals.

Today Christy, lives the dance of life with a positive attitude and coaches thousands of women entrepreneurs worldwide on how to live a financially abundant, successful, and expressive lives.

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COURTNEY McKenzie, is a former Miss Jamaica International, turned entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Crown Public Relations, and the creator of the popular podcast, Entrepreneur 2.0.

Courtney helps business owners build amazing brands that people can’t help but talk about. With an infusion of personality, storytelling, creativity, goodwill and charm,

Courtney helps business owners build a bridge from the client’s needs – to the solution.

Her credo, “Don’t reinvent the wheel but make the wheel cooler!”

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ALICIA Dunams, is a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and the founder of Bestseller in a Weekend, a live online workshop that helps business professionals write, publish and market a non-fiction book in record time. Alicia is a transformational force who will motivate your audience to take! big leaps in business. She has been featured on Good Morning America, The Ricki Lake Show, Houston Chronicle, and Oprah and Friends Radio.

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SHELLEY Ehler is an inspiring entrepreneur who took a simple idea, believed it with all her heart and made it come to life!

She is the inventor of the ShowNo towel and was featured on ABC’s Emmy nominated reality show, Shark Tank. Shelly had three “Sharks” fighting over her and is the only entrepreneur in the show’s history to ever leave with a check in her hand.

Her ShowNo towel has also been featured on The Today Show, The View and Good Morning America.

Shelly's motto? "Dream it, Believe it, Let it go", and she believes anything is possible when you follow your heart in faith.

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JULIE Busha, is the founder of “SLAWSA”, a condiment that’s becoming a “RAVE” everywhere, a little sweet, a little hot, and may just change the way you think of condiments!

Julie became a sensational character after being rejected with her pitch at a SHARK TANK show. Her winning attitude brought her and “SLAWSA” to more than a whopping 6,000 plus stores when it first debuted in November of 2013.

This quote from her, is worth mentioning and living by, “I’ll never let someone else’s inability to see my value determine my worth.”

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Welcome to Today’s Leading Women podcast with your host, Marie Grace Berg! TodaysLeadingWomen is a podcast with you in mind, THE WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR, YOU, the Small Business Owner, YOU, the Aspiring Entrepreneur.

Everyday, 7-days a week, Marie Grace Berg brings to life the stories and the journeys of these Successful Women Entrepreneurs.

Their true stories are aimed at helping you understand how to turn that dream of owning and running a business into a reality. While these women can be described as extraordinary because they all seized an opportunity, and, with determination and commitment, turned it into a successful business, they are also just like us.

They all had to battle with day to day challenges that face the rest of us - making sure we have enough money to survive, feeding our children and juggling the many different priorities in our lives.

So WOMEN OF THE WORLD, join Marie Grace Berg as she takes you to what could be one of the most remarkable ride in your life!

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